i just realised in the first photo y’all can see the framed photo of my cat i have on my wall

i know what i’m about

retrying my red lipstick for the first time since last summer reminds me why i dyed my hair black last summer

it’s been just over a year since i impulse-dyed my hair i need to start stepping my makeup game again

wouldn’t it be great if i could leave a canned drink alone for one minute in this household without someone knocking it over and spilling 90% of it 

the worst thing about scooby-doo for me is people insisting mystery incorporated is where it’s at who weren’t fans of the show before that series

like if you’ve watched all the previous stuff and still think MI is better then you’re totally entitled to your opinion and that’s cool; and if you don’t have any interest in trying the other series because you like the dynamic of MI better then that’s cool too; but don’t come onto my blog replying to my hugely biased posts insisting it’s the “best” series when you ain’t even watched the others



ARE YOU KIDDING i struggle most strugglishly with drawing scooby but THANKS

i can’t draw scooby without staring at stock pictures of him, there’s not a single time i’ve drawn him where he isn’t posed 90% like something from a screenshot or character sheet

ur scoobs are super cute you go bud keep drawin those detective dogs 

komandr you don’t have your submit open but happy wednesday

i’m awake and the notes on the chin post are still coming in thick and fast

i am so cold the world is so dark and all i know is fred’s chin


SDCC 2014 Jeff Lemire Teen Titans: Earth One Interview

The first bit of interview talks briefly about TTEO but not much new except Lemire talks a bit on how he likes Jericho and his potential!

The rest of the interview also discusses his other DC books like Green Arrow, Justice League United (which he talks about how he wanted an actual fun book), and Futures End.

positive talk about jericho makes me so happy

i’m a little bit worried about what the “surprises” are going to be (please don’t let one of them be talking) but lemire definitely sounds like he’s gonna do the core 80s characters justice and not try to revamp them into something so edgy they’re unrecognisable

dont boost the chin post dONT BOOST THE CHIN POST


just try and stop me