I always wondered why people associate “high-brow” and “politeness” with “British accents”. Like, Brits are just people, some are nice and some are assholes, same as anywhere probably, righT?

probably because we have a monarchy and were the epitome of victorian/edwardian aristocracy and now we’re churning out a vast amount of period shows like Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge 

so y’know everyone in england is either a wizard, a princess, a chimney sweep, maggie smith or benedict cumberbatch 

but in all honesty yeah we literally are just regular people and some of us don’t even like tea and haven’t bumped into the queen in marks and spencers yet

this person described their british character from manchester having a “smooth, flowing” accent, using “mate” as well as well-educated high-class language, and “bowing in respect” 


alright Teen Titans Go! you’ve completely captured my heart

but let’s stop playing games you know who i came to see where is he

where’s my episode with slade trying to chase down his kids to bond with them and making terrible dad jokes and turning out that under his armour he wears the #1 Dad shirt joey made him in kindergarten 10 years ago

or my episode about raven hitting it off with jericho (because he’s so quiet and nonintrusive) and all her other love interests teaming up to try to outdo him in everything they undertake to get raven’s attention back on them

or my episode where it turns out jericho has actually been able to talk this whole time but he just can’t get intelligent conversation out of anyone

come on Teen Titans Go! what are we gonna do about this

someone’s trying to rp with one of my blogs and their oc is british (the writer isn’t), and they’re constantly pointing out the accent and describing how “smooth” and “flowing” it is

idk it makes me really uncomfortable when people who aren’t british sound like they’re a step away from outright idealising and fantasising about accents like mine

i want to drop her a note in the tags or something asking politely if she could tone down the talk about her oc’s accent because i have the same one and it’s unsettling to read all that overemphasised idealistic stuff about it but i really don’t want to seem rude 

Oh hey! I was wondering if it was polite to leave messages in your inbox, but since it seems to be okay... hi! I'm unamused-goat! I followed you a while ago for a bunch of reasons and your blog has a cool background. And a cool icon. And a cool header. and a bunch of stuff, really.



hahahahahahaha oh my gosh i change my header so much i don’t even know which one you mean any more! it’s Young Just Us right now because all those idiots are my chILDREN but i’ve got that super fuckin fantastic animated scooby doo one neopuff made me and WHY CAN’T I HAVE TWO HEADERS I WANT THEM BOTH BUT I’M TOO LAZY TO ALTERNATE THEM EACH DAY

my icon is always something scooby-doo though that is the constant in my life

i followed you back already!!! i guess i checked you out back when you followed me and liked what i saw! it’s super cool to meet you, new friend, we should talk a whole lot more about stuff!

my god talk to me about joey wilson

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never


#Also when they make out Buttercup is in charge and it is fierce


#when I die engrave every frame of this post on my headstone


#I ONLY HAVE LIKE 7000 KND FANARTS how long has it been since i last posted one

#’'uh sure i guess i've had fish before i can look after them”

#Because that would explain it

#I mean okay they never outright SAY ”this is Dick Grayson” so you can never be ONE HUNDRED PER CENT sure


{ There’s no question that Joseph and Adeline are completely devoted to each other, but it’s clear on several occasions that Adeline doesn’t respect her son’s inability to kill and his general hatred of violence. She often uses Joseph’s devotion to her as leverage to get him to do what she wants - which, ironically, is exactly what Penelope Long did to him even though Adeline’s intentions are far purer.

Enter Amber, one of Adeline’s agents who is not even important enough to be given a surname. She is chartered with Searchers Inc. to assist Adeline and has no issue with drawing blood, but she respects and admires that Joe is gentle and peaceful. She notes how good a killer Joseph would be but never pushes him towards it, and at one point absentmindedly offers him a blade to fight with but retracts the suggestion as soon as she remembers Joe’s alignment. Joe doesn’t even have to politely refuse.

Adeline loses her temper with Joe when he goes against her wishes and refuses to harm or kill - the only times she ever shows frustration with him - but Amber defends him immediately; even subtly bringing up Slade to highlight why Adeline should leave him be.

Before the Titans - and while he’s on the run from them - Adeline is all the family Joseph has. To lose her approval is like having his heart torn out, but Amber is there the second time around when she lectures him on what he "should have done" to let him know that Adeline is the one in the wrong.

The first time Adeline manipulates him into disorienting and harming Dick he caves and does it, even though it goes against everything he stands for as a person and a hero, because there is no one there to defend Joe against her. While she has his best interests at heart and loves him dearly, when it comes to professional matters Joseph’s mother is poison for him because she doesn’t respect his stance as a hero of peace. }

it’s 4am and i finished a fairly long post about why adeline and joe’s professional relationship is not as nice as everyone makes it out to be

she’s lovely as a mother but as a team leader who takes advantage of being a mother to manipulate her son into doing things he clearly hates she’s not so lovely

i love amber by the way she’s the best and so important for joe’s stability as a peaceful hero, but she was such a short-lived character of course no one ever talks about her

pushing the bbrae discussions aside what are your thoughts on jerirae


YAY A DECENT QUESTION I haven’t read the comics and I know there was some sort of something between them and although I don’t know exactly what I’m COMPLETELY on board with that idea she’d be like the only person who can understand him since he can’t talk and honestly raven would probably like that in a boyfriend sometimes hahahaha we all know she isn’t very social. I think they could be absolutely adorable!!!! thanks for asking lovely

omg jerirae though they are the best

i mean it resulted in jericho’s horrific death so maybe it’s not ideal but when it went on it was perfect! joe can’t talk and raven likes silence, and she can sense his emotions so well he doesn’t even have to sign for her to understand exactly what he’s trying to say

(she’s actually infatuated with nightwing for a lot of time before jericho, but i think as soon as dick seriously shuts her down about crushing on him she realises joseph is there too and he’s already pretty much totally in love with her)

it’s a really nice contrast too because raven is so dark and plagued by terror that it often seems there’s no hope for her, and joey is so bright and calm and sunny that there’s not a shred of darkness to him, so they balance each other out perfectly 

also they go on a movie date in one of the TTGO! comics which hints at it being canon in the cartoon universe too 

hello yes I followed awhile ago but I just wanted to say that Yes I want to be friends but I am terrified of talking so here it goes: Hi I'm Beth, and I really love cartoons


hi beth!!!!!

it’s super cool you came to talk to me and i love you already! i’ve been leafing through your blog for a couple of pages and i gotta tell you if you go to coney island and go on the cyclone do not sit in the last carriage because the bumping and jolting gets worse and worse the further back you sit

i had bruises on my arms where i clung on for dear life and got winded from a slam in the gut like 5 times and just please if you go on that ride sit at the front i don’t want to lose you

either that or because i come from london we’re all much less bouncy and resilient than new yorkers