Dangan Ronpa?


i know this was for the dashboard osmosis meme but please don’t talk to me about dangan ronpa it’s literally BUILT on heavily triggering content for me and i had it shoved in my face a huge amount a few months ago which has given me more exposure to it than i’d ever want in my entire life and made it a hundred times worse i hate it so much don’t talk to me about this 

this should act as a psa actually; if we’re mutuals PLEASE tag your dangan ronpa because some of y’all don’t and if i see even the character art i hyperventilate and cry 

set #2 of “young justice was solid gold and no one will ever convince me otherwise”

set #1


edorazzi replied to your post: everyone tell me ur height so i can la…

4’11” farewell


we have one of those height charts on the doorframe downstairs and my line hasn’t moved since i was about thirteen and my fourteen-year-old sister has already passed me

i get age checked for 15-rated movies and yet i’m old enough to buy alcohol

i’m sorry but young justice was solid gold and no one will ever convince me otherwise

set #2

my dad’s had a cold for the last week and guess who got sicker and sicker progressively through the day today

i’ve been sneezing almost nonstop and i’m already feeling crappy and emotional because of lady things and this afternoon i stood staring at the kitchen cupboard for a solid 30 seconds because i felt so lightheaded i just completely zoned out for a minute

i changed my icon 

if you all think i’m ever going to make new icons again which aren’t scooby-doo themed you are all so wrong

is this the ask box



considering you were on my /submit page

no, this is not the ask box

test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can


seduce me with lots of amazing headcanons about my otp

i can’t believe how much running a blog for a character with an alternative language/speech function can help you learn; my french and sign language have improved more in two weeks running blogs for tintin and jericho than they did in fourteen years of school!

i mean i still can’t ask for a sandwich in a foreign country for love nor money but i know how to talk about french journalism and give a marriage proposal in sign language 

i guess that would be a tip for anyone trying to learn a new language for school or personal recreation or anything, run a RP blog for a character who primarily uses another language! you get to flesh out the use of foreign words with your own language and even if you just do everything though google translate at first you’ll start to pick up speech patterns and key words and sentence structure without even thinking about it

learning through play is the best kind of learning isn’t it